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Wash Day Tip For Minimum Tangles

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Hi queens! Here’s a tip that may help with manageability issues and ease the stress of wash days! Great for individuals with thick tresses, moms with natural hair kids, in shower and sink washing.

Start with pre-detangled hair; you may opt for a pre poo treatment. Here I used Oh So Natural’s Deep Cleansing Clay Mask! Gently detoxes and removes product buildup leaving hair soft and manageable!

Separate hair into sections; you may have already sectioned hair in first step. I two strand twisted mine.

Keep hair sectioned during washing; washing one section at a time and re-twisting or sectioning back as before.

Continue washing all sections.

Use microfiber towel or t-shirt to dry excess water and reduce frizz.

Continue to styling regimen. Hair should have minimum tangles and style with much more ease!

Washing hair in workable sections allows hair to stay targeted and reduce meshing and tangling with other tresses. Hope this helps!


China Ashleigh

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Outfit Inspiration: What To Wear To Return of the Curls

With Return of The Curls first stop on the Curls Around the World Tour just weeks away, I know my fellow naturals are thinking about what they’re going to wear. Of course you need to be comfortable being that there will be tons of great vendors throughout the venues, and lots of walking will be going on. With that being said flats immediately come to mind, with the spring weather finally arriving I know I’m super happy that I can finally pull out my sandals, skirts, and sleeveless tops! I came up with a few cool, comfy, and fresh looks that I think would work great on any body type, these looks are casual yet they make a bold statement with their use of bold colors and different textures! These looks include lots of this years summer trends including ripped denim, metallic shoes, and lots of color, enjoy naturals!


Return of The Curls


XoXo Stacey Barclay/ BarclayINC

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How To Sleep With Natural Hair by Naturally Glam

One question that I get asked a lot is ‘how can I make my twist-out/braid-out last longer?’  I can totally understand why.  Who wants to spend all day washing and styling, and all night waiting for it to dry, and only get one day out of the style?  Not me!  So what are some ways to make that hair style last throughout the week?  Here are 5 ways that I do it.

  1. Satin bonnet or pillowcase.  Satin is actually not a fiber, but the way fibers (like silk, cotton, polyester) are woven.  Satin has a smooth finish that keeps your hair in place without causing frizz and dryness while you sleep.  For shorter hair, a satin bonnet is perfect.  But I’ve found that because my hair is long, a bonnet can smash my hair down.  So I prefer a satin pillowcase.  Not to mention it preserves my sexy at night.  After being married 14 years, my husband appreciated this.

    satin pillow case dog

    My dog loves my satin pillowcase

  2. Pineapple method.  Pineappling involves securing your hair at the very top of your head, so that your curls are out of the way while you sleep.  For those with loose curls and longer hair, a ponytail holder works fine.  But if you have kinkier texture, I’ve found that using a satin scarf to secure my hair works best and here’s a video showing how I do it.  If your hair is short and kinky, this method may not work for you.
  3. Large individual twists.  Re-twisting your hair in about 8 or so large twists keeps your hair stretched and helps maintain the wave pattern from the original style.  You can extend the style without completing redoing your hair.

    large bantu knots

    Loose Bantu knots

  4. Loose Bantu knots.  I’ve found this very effective for extending and stretching my wash-n-go style were I’ve just defined my curls.  Because they are loose, it doesn’t disturb my curl pattern but keeps my hair stretched.  This is also a great option for adding soft curls to straightened hair.
  5. Large flat twists.  This works just like the individual twists, but you can do less twists and cover the same ground.

large flat twists

Have you tried any of these ways to extend your hair style?

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Wrapped Up. Tied Up. Tangled Up. by Kelli Neche’ of Notorious Styles

So if we can take a seat and be real for a minute, I believe we could all come to the conclusion that scarves and head wraps have gotten a negative condonation over time in the African-American community. We’ve all had that one experience of being behind someone in the line at Food Lion wondering WHY they couldn’t have unwrapped their hair and left their scarf in the car!

We’ve all had those days that our twists weren’t dry, we have a big event or service the next day and don’t want to waste good hair on a lazy, errand filled day only to not be able to duplicate that perfection the next day.

So, I think it’s about time that we Thank GOD for creativity. Displaying image.jpeg

Thanks to the inspiration of our African ancestors and the tweaking of Fashion Icon June Ambrose and Neo-Soul singer Erykah Badu, we have ways to be able to preserve those twists, bantu knots and just flat-out lazy days.

Displaying image.jpeg

Here are some visual examples as well as a quick tutorial  by yours truly to help get those creative juices flowing and your prep-style fashionably hidden.

Displaying image.jpegAlways remember that it’s a good idea to line your scarves or wrap of choice with satin to avoid breakage or tangled, dried hair.

Bobby Pins always come in handy to hold your turban or wrap in place without constant adjustments.

Below is the link to show how I achieved the Badu inspired headwrap in 3 minutes on box braids.

Displaying image.jpeg

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Hair Like Mine

By Crystal’s Curls


A few days ago, my girls and I were in Walgreen’s in the check out line when a beautiful Black woman walked in.  The woman had a gorgeous, perfectly round afro with a pretty auburn color.  As the lady walked by, I couldn’t resist stepping towards her and telling her, “I love your hair.”  She immediately flashed a huge smile and said “Thank you,” never missing a step.  I was still waiting in the slowest checkout line ever,  about 10 minutes later, the same woman  walked up to me as she was leaving the store and she whispered to me, ” I wish my hair was like yours.  You have ‘good hair’. If my hair were like yours it would curl up. I have to twist mine to make it curl.”  IMMEDIATELY, I told her, “Don’t say that. You have beautiful hair.  You are rocking that fro.  You have to embrace your texture.”


It made me sad that she wished her hair was like mine.  I guess that was a roundabout compliment that she liked my hair. However, there have been many times when I have talked to people about going natural and they tell me things like, “Girl my hair is too nappy to wear natural,”  “Girl my hair won’t look like yours.” I have a co worker in her 50’s (she and I are the only black people in my office) and we talk about hair alot and I have tried to encourage her to go natural because she wants her hair to grow. She is a firm believer that if she goes natural her hair won’t grow.  I shared with her how my hair became its longest and healthiest once I ‘returned’ natural.  She CONSTANTLY tells me, “but my hair is not like yours. Your hair is so pretty.”  It discourages me because everyday that I go into the office she compliments me on my hair (which I love) and then says, “Lord I wish my hair were like yours.”  This is an accomplished, smart, beautiful, woman who has so many things  that any woman would envy but she is so insecure about her hair. I understand that black women and hair is a loaded topic.  I take a lot of time to share things with her about how she can go natural.  I told her she should just try transitioning if she didn’t want to do a big chop.  Nothing I do can convince her  to go natural even though she knows its good for her hair.  I even told her, “of course your stylist won’t tell you to go natural because she wants you to pay her every 4 weeks for a re-touch.”  Nothing works.  The sad part is that the only reason she won’t try it is NOT because her hair won’t grow (because all of us naturals know that we CAN and DO grow LONGGG hair.)  it’s because she thinks her hair isn’t ‘good’ enough to wear natural.


I really wish that ‘good hair’ would leave our vernacular.  It was a burden to me while growing up.  My mother ridiculed me for having ‘good hair’ and having fair skin, while my father’s family told me to make sure I married a light skin man with ‘good hair’.

Now, while I did marry a Puerto Rican who has hair that some would call ‘good’, I can just tell you how happy my grandmother was and how she raved that I was going to have such pretty kids (as if my kids wouldn’t be pretty no matter who I married)

My mother gave me flack for it as well.  She insisted that it was because of my father’s family and not possibly because I fell madly in love with him.

I could go on and on about it, but I digress. The point is that hair is NOT who we are. It is a part of us and no matter the texture as long as you have hair on your head it is beautiful.  I TRULY believe that, no matter what garbage I was filled with while growing up.  We need to throw the garbage away and learn to love ourselves.  Now whether my colleague maintains her relaxer or eventually returns natural is irrelevant to me because I will love her no matter what. I will love her even more when she loves her whole being, including her hair.


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Why A Regimen Is Important?


Have you heard the saying “it takes 21 days to break a bad habit”?  Well if this be the case then it should also stand true that it takes the same amount of time to create or establish a routine or habit.  When trying to reach a goal, be it weight loss, eating better, increasing exercise, drinking more water, growing your hair, etc it does not occur overnight.  Let the church say AMEN!!! With that being said it would also stand true that repetition aids in successfully achieving a goal. I’m going to date myself but I can remember when I learned to type in school.  I had to do countless rows of asdfjkl;. I absolutely hated it!!! I was bored beyond belief!!! However, those countless rows prepared me to be able to type 85 words per minute (when that actually met something).lol Suffice it to say, repetition works!

Now, let’s bring this back to hair.  The shafts of the hair are delicate and sensitive.  And sometimes even temperamental.  They have to be treated with love, care and consistency or trust me they will rebel.  Is it easy? Not at first.  But as I’ve been taught with difficulty comes ease.  It might be hard to stick to those wash day schedules but when you’re consistent those detangling sessions are cut nearly in half. I don’t know about anybody else, but with this BSL hair, that works for me!!

Here goes my regimen as well as tips on how to start your own.

First off I DO NOT wash my hair once a week.  2-3 weeks at best! That is why my regimen is so detailed.

On wash day:

1. I do a pre-poo using TreSemme Naturals conditioner and Castor oil.  I section the hair in 4 sections.  Working with one section at a time I take smaller sections, add conditioner and castor oil and comb that small section to detangle.  Once that complete section is done I braid it up and move to the next.  Once my entire head is done I put on a handy Walmart bag (lol) and a crocheted hat (to generate heat).  I leave this on for at least 30 minutes.

2. I shampoo/cowash while the hair is still in braids.  I choose to do it this way because the hair has already been detangled.

3. If I cowashed then I do a rinse with ACV and water.  I use a water bottle (16 oz) I add 3 ounces of ACV and the rest water. Pour over the hair and massage in the scalp.  I let that sit for about 5 minutes and then rinse.

4. I then condition the hair using Tea Tree Tingle from Trader Joe’s.

5. Once I’m done I wrap the hair with an old t-shirt.

6. I then take the braids loose, one section at a time.  Once a section is loose, I add my Deep Conditioner (DC) of choice (still looking for one I love), comb that thru, and rebraid the section. Once the entire head is done I put on another Walmart bag and my crocheted hat.  I sit for another 30 minutes.

7. I then rinse the DC out using cool water and then wrap the hair again with a t-shirt.

8. Next I gather my Olive Oil, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Curl and Style Milk.

9. I take out all the braids and comb the entire head.

10. I take sections of the hair depending on how I plan to style it. Usually I put the hair back into 4 sections b/c I’m doing large individual twists in preps for a twistout.

11. Going section by section I apply Smoothie, Olive Oil and Style milk in that order. This is called the LOC Method.  I comb each section and then twist it.

12. I add rods or flexi rods to the ends and place on my satin scarf.

13. GOODNIGHT!!! lol

Weekly maintenance

Whether I’m wearing a protective style or a twistout I inspect the hair every 3 days.  I’m checking for moisture of both the scalp and hair.  If my scalp is dry I spritz it with water and massage it with Olive or Sunflower Oil.  If the hair is dry, I spritz it with water, add a very small amount of smoothie, top that with Olive oil and retwist.

I have noticed that since I have been wearing twists I have needed to add less product during maintenance days.  Usually I just spritz the hair with water only so that my ends can be curly when I remove the rods.

Tips on how to start your own

1. Choose a wash day that you can commit to.  I choose Sundays.  I rarely make plans for Sunday evenings so 9 out of 10 I can stick to it.

2. Decide in advance what products you are going to use.  Make sure you have them on hand prior to wash day.

3. Of course if you plan to wash your hair once a week, you won’t have to do ALL the steps like me.  A simple wash and condition should do the trick. You will need to clarify and DC at least once a month however so be sure to add the extra time to your schedule on those weeks.

4. When choosing stylers, be sure they mesh well together.  Nothing is worse than having a head full of white residue 2 days after an intense wash session.

My last and final tip is to be PATIENT with yourself and your hair! It may take a while to see the benefits.  Just stick with it. You won’t be disappointed.

I hope this information is helpful.

Until next time


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Why I Stopped Playing It Safe..!

Recently I decided to blow dry my hair; to most people that’s no big deal but for me, a no-heat regimen natural, it made me so nervous. I chose a no-heat regimen because I remember how badly heat destroyed my hair when it was relaxed. Although I’ve done a much better job with taking care of my hair as a natural, I still felt uncomfortable with using the culprit of my hair’s decline. Despite all of the anxiety I had about putting heat on my hair, I still wanted to go through with blow drying it, even if it was just once, I wanted to see how long my hair was after almost 2 years since my big chop. With all the knowledge on hair I gained within the last 2.5 years I was fully equipped to make  healthy decisions while using heat on my hair. I first bought a heat protectant, Dr. Miracle’s Acai Thermal Protection Styler, out of sheer curiosity, and made sure my hair was damp, and not soaking wet, put into sections and detangled before I even plugged in the blow dryer. In order to reduce breakage, I used the tension method. I stretched a small section of my hair all the way, applied my heat protectant and moisturizer and then moved the blow dryer (without an attachment) up and down, and about an inch above the section. I’m so happy I finally experimented with heat, who knows, I might even flat iron my hair soon.Here are my results:



(I really tried my best to grab my hair from the back lol )IMG_2357


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Workout by Body Type by Chy Patterson of Notorious Styles

Who is ready for beach season?

I know I’m not. I am currently getting myself ready to go on a cruise this summer and I must say, until recently, I’ve been lazy. Ladies, if you are not used to working out on a daily basis but are ready to start I can help guide you by helping you determine your body type. Once you know your body type, it will be much easier for you to start your work out.


You have broad shoulders and narrow hips. Tighten your core,

and add some shape to your

butt and thighs with this athletic-body-type workout.


You’re stick straight with very

 few curves.

Add more shape to your waist and

 sculpt your glutes with this

workout plan for straight body types.







You’re a bit wider on the bottom than you are on top.

Tone your arms and shoulders,

 and get tighter all over with our pear-friendly



Your bust and hips are larger

compared to your waist. Add full-body

 muscle tone and shape up those arms

and legs with this

 curves-a-licious workout







Here is a link to where you can find the workout routines for each body type.

You don’t just need to work, you also need to eat right. A lot of people don’t know this but, just by snacking on treats and junk food, you gain weight because of the calories, fats and sugar that are in those foods. So, if you are not working out, you can’t sit and eat all day then expect to see results automatically without applying yourself to a meal plan and a workout plan. When I go on a diet, I prefer the doctor’s diet which is a 30 days diet and each day you have a meal plan. I must say, this is extremely hard because you are not eating ANY carbs. You will be eating eggs, yogurt, fruit, chicken and salad. If you are interested in this type of meal plan, contact your doctor or nutritionist and discuss a start date. If you want to change your eating habits by practicing a healthy lifestyle, I suggest that you cut out red meats, even though certain beef is good for you. Try to focus on your protein intake, such as chicken and fish. Always be sure to eat anything green as well as plenty of fruit. If you love smoothies you can mix your fruit and veggies together. Also try to keep your body full of fluids, mostly water, or infused water (which means adding fruit or mint leaves to your water). Try to eat about 6 small meals everyday with a lot of fiber and protein. The most important part of changing your eating habits is always, and I say ALWAYS, taking your vitamins so your body can feed off the vitamins that it needs. I hope this was really helpful to you and remember that whatever you do, please do not give up, don’t make this only a summer thing but an everyday thing. Healthy living is better living.


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Interview with Nicole Hayden

Nicole Hayden

You recently competed and won the title of Ms. Kentucky Plus America 2014. What was that experience like? Simply amazing! Winning the crown of Miss Kentucky Plus America 2014 helped bring attention to issues that affect curvy women and young girls positively. The pageant allowed me to meet other inspiring women who share the same experiences as me. A sisterhood was formed, and that is something I look forward to while competing for the title of Miss Plus America 2014 coming up this July.

You are a spokesperson for Curvy Girls Workout Too. Explain your passion for health and fitness.
Curvy Girls Workout Too, is a a fitness  and support group for women of curves. Be Confident! Be Beautiful! Be You is my motto. Educating on nutrition and celebrating the fact that Curvy Girls Workout Too, we focus on women who want to get healthy, look and feel good, and be fashionable while working out. After recently losing 30 pounds I made a commitment to myself that I would help inspire women who look like me, but just may need that extra push to go to gym and give them the support needed. We also have Curvy Girl Workout Too fitness apparel that can be worn in and outside the gym. Check it out #curvygirlsworkouttoo

What inspired you to create Friends of Nicole?
Friends of Nicole was something my colleagues and business partners used to say to me jokingly. They would refer to me as the “Networking Guru”. After being in the entertainment business for several years and being a serial entrepreneur, I’ve meet a lot people along the way. I am passionate about connecting with others, and being the link through which many business relationships form. I thoroughly enjoy entrepreneurship and helping women achieve meaningful success through creativity, passion, and talent. I love to see others reach their full potential, specializing in fashion, beauty, entertainment, fitness and lifestyle! So, I created Friends of Nicole, a go-to network for helping entrepreneurs NETWORK with key contacts faster and teaching businesses how to tap into their inner-genius, build businesses, conduct and brand themselves professionally, through public relations and creating a lifestyle they love.

What qualities do you believe are most important as a role model?
Being able to show your passion and the ability to inspire others. As Booker T. Washington once said, “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which one has overcome.” A role model should be able to show others that they can to overcome ANY obstacle with God on theirside.

How can people support you in your quest for the national Miss Plus America title?
If you would like support me and follow me on my journey to compete in the National Miss Plus America Pageant you can visit:
Facebook page at Ms Kentucky Plus America 2014 –

If you would like to donate or help sponsor Nicole Hayden on her journey

Follow Nicole: @friendsofnicole, #friendsofnicole,

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ROTC Interview with Go Natural! Hair Salon


Go Natural Group

As Louisville’s premiere natural hair salon, what sets Go Natural! Salon and Boutique apart?

What sets Go Natural! Salon and Boutique apart is our ability to style any hair type.  Our stylists are trained and well-versed in various hair textures, but our specialty is natural hair.  We do not just focus on straightening curls, but also on enhancing clients’ natural curls!  Also, we strive to maintain a professional and relaxing environment for our clients, and provide online booking for our clients’ convenience.

What are some of the most common services your natural clients seek at your salon?

Flat twists and two-strand twists are two commonly requested styles.  The great thing about these styles is that they can withstand humidity or rainy days, they can last awhile (1-2 weeks), they can transition into other styles (flat twistouts and two-strand twistouts), and they are great protective styles for those seeking to grow their hair.  Additionally, flat twists are a great style for those transitioning from relaxed to natural hair.

What is the most common problem that your natural hair clients face when they come into the salon?

The most common problem is dehydration.  Dryness can be attributed to a number of factors, and there are many solutions as well.  One of the benefits of seeking the help of a hair professional is that we can assess the condition of your hair and determine the best course of action to correct the problem and restore the health of your hair.

What hair tools/products do you recommend to your clients?

The most recommended item is a steam treatment.  Steaming improves scalp blood flow circulation and opens the hair follicles and shaft, encouraging deeper moisture penetration.  For our clients suffering from dry hair, a steam treatment is often part of the solution.

Cutting natural hair in its natural or straighten state – What is your opinion? Are heat and straightening necessary to achieve the best trim and/or hair cut?

If a client has waited more than 8 or 10 weeks to get a trim, a blow out and shaping is suggested to make sure all dead hair is removed without taking off unnecessary length. If the client is getting a trim within 6 to 8 weeks, a blow out is not needed.

Contact Go Natural! Hair Salon:

Go Natural! Salon and Boutique
Your Premier Provider of Natural Hair Services, Products and Education
813 Lyndon Lane, Suite B
Louisville, KY 40222
(502) 749-3334


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